//‘Drones Delivering Blood’ is an Epic Breakthrough

‘Drones Delivering Blood’ is an Epic Breakthrough

drones for camerasWe said it before and we will say it again, drones will soon revolutionize medicine too. A drone flew in the hot Arizona desert and delivered chilled blood over a distance of 160 miles. The flight took total three hours and was still in good condition when the drone landed. Just when you think you have seen and heard everything about drones, something new and awesome comes out. Makes you wonder even small Walmart drones can change our world and help improve life. Can’t they?

This experiment’s success is assuring that limitations in getting medical supplies, medications, and blood to remote rural areas can be possible and made faster. Those who live in these areas find it difficult to go to doctors for a lab test. Even if the blood were to be transferred by regular logistics truck, it will go bad in the heat of areas with hot climate. So doing that with a drone in a shorter amount of time while maintaining the purity of the blood can solve so many problems and help save lives too.

The experiment was carried by a team from John Hopkins University. The pathologist Timothy Amukele collected blood samples and used a drone to fly it in hot conditions to rough test the idea. However, this was not one of your ordinary Walmart drones as it was a hybrid containing abilities of a helicopter. They attached a foam cushioned cooler to hold the blood while the drone flies it. They kept similar samples in a refrigerator to compare the results after delivery. As luck would have it or their genius perhaps, the blood remained intact. They ran a total of 19 tests to determine the blood’s contents.

This is groundbreaking but not the first as a Californian company is already delivering blood through drones in Rwanda. Nevertheless, it was never done on a distance as long as Amukele’s team covered. However, this is still far from ready as they need to conduct even more test flights under different conditions. They also need to cover the safety concerns of external factors too like people and structures in the path of drones. They will need extremely safe and stable drones and licenses, of course, to conduct this commercially.

This is still very promising and no small news as if really gets successful and is employed, so many medical emergencies can be handled in remote areas and lab tests will become easier. All of these innovations inspire other people who do not own drones yet to buy drones. And people are actually doing that as Walmart drones, best buy drones and others from drone makers like Dragon are selling rapidly. Even a mini drone like that by Dragon is much more capable than just a toy for recreation. It is a gateway to bigger drones that can achieve awesome things like Amukele’s team did. Imagine such innovations happening in every community. Wouldn’t that just change our world forever?

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