//5 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying Your First Ever Drone

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Flying Your First Ever Drone

If you are reading this, chances are you are also getting on the drone bandwagon and buying yourself a drone. But with a starter drone you will have to be extra cautious. It is not like drones are difficult to operate, it is just that if you make a mistake, someone or something could get hurt. However, we are here to help you know what to do and what to avoid. Read on, to know 5 mistakes a lot of beginners make and you should obviously avoid:

  1. Buy a low-quality drone

First thing is first, you need a good quality drone to get into this tech. Now there are hundreds of makers making drones at ridiculously cheap prices. Not all of them are worth your time. You need a low weight, small and easy to operate quadcopter like Dragon Camera Drone. This drone is perfect for beginners as well as pros. As a beginner, you will find it easy to maneuver it and learn its functions. And the camera is high quality too if you happen to have interest in photography and videos.

  1. Fly around people

It is not a great idea to fly near people let alone when you are a rookie at it. Drones, however small, can cause injury to someone if they crash. So you best avoid areas where there are people around like parks, streets, markets etc.

  1. Fly in prohibited zones

Some places are simply no go zones for drones because you are restricted by law to fly in such spaces. These include airports, military bases, and some public spaces. The laws vary from one area to another so you ought to know the ones that apply to your own area before making any blunder and getting yourself in legal trouble.

  1. Fly it out of range or battery time

You should know the battery lifetime and range of your starter drone. Flying the drone out of this range is probably not the best idea because it will come crashing down and may hurt someone or will at the very least stop working itself. You should fly it in open but secluded spaces where there are no people.

  1. Spy on someone

This is a very unethical practice that drone owners often think they can do without having to face any repercussions. However, that is not true as there are laws that restrict people from invading others’ privacy. Such an act can cause you a lot of trouble and in some areas may even take you to court.

Drones are amazing in every which way but it is usually us humans who use them stupidly without thinking about the consequences. Only use the best starter drone like Dragon so you learn fast and fly safely. It is your job to respect the laws regarding drones no matter how strict they may be in your vicinity. You will surely have good fun flying these amazing unmanned aerial vehicles.

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