//It’s Official: Drones are the coolest gadget ever

It’s Official: Drones are the coolest gadget ever

When did we get here and how did we get here? It all seems like it started yesterday only but now it is bigger than we ever imagined. Drones are everywhere, literally, in every city, every neighborhood and every industry. The projections were after all quite true and drones managed to remove all the critique they received first. Look at the latest star wars drone from Propel. Did you ever imagine that happening, maybe five years ago? Probably not!

Did you ever imagine that happening, maybe five years ago? Probably not!

Probably not!

Drones have been around for few decades if we really get to the bones, however, they only got commercial a few years ago. That is when everything changed perhaps for the better. For those who developed this technology, it was like a dream come true. People loved the idea of flying a drone and seeing things on the ground from its view. It was therapeutic to some extent because, let us be honest, people still awe flying. If you ask a bunch of random people what is the one power you could have and they will probably say flying. And drones are doing that as first person view (FPV) drones like that by Dragon give you wings. Perhaps drones suit more to the punch line of RedBull.

The Stars Wars drone is a fine example of this technology pushing the envelope. First, came the drone that was heavily Star Wars influenced and now Propel has introduced a simulator app. What it does is allow pilots to learn how to fly this new model via actual simulations. And you guessed it; these are absolutely Star Wars-y, the same hangers, same backdrops and same score. And the lessons are designed ranking based so as a player proceeds further. And lessons are pretty intense too preparing the pilot ultimately for every kind of move when he actually pilots the drone.

These Star Wars drone apps tackle a very important issue in the drone tech right now: drone training. Although these machines are getting easier and easier design and operability wise they are still a bit of a challenge for the rookies. The simulation app is not just fun it will help eradicate any intimidation that the owner has of the drone. The app is a great way to do that but there are official training and certification courses as well. It all just goes to show that drones are clearing every obstacle in their way to become a common presence in our lives.

This was all fun talk but these aerial vehicles run by remotes and phones are doing some pretty serious stuff too. They recently helped look for survivors and to assess damage when Hurricane Harvey hit the state of Texas. These drones are helping deliver medical supplies and blood. These are conducting inspections of city roads and bridges to help prevent accidents. And they are also helping surplus our food supply by allowing farmers to harvest at best times. So next time someone tells you drones are useless, show them how amazing this device can be.

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