//Basic Types of Drones You Should Know Before Buying One

Basic Types of Drones You Should Know Before Buying One

drones for beginnersWe’re pretty sure that you have basic knowledge about drone technology. It’s probably one of the most talked about things in the world of gadgets and if you love sci-fi stuff, you must have the basic understanding of these things. An RC drone is capable of doing some amazing things and today, we will see some of the basics of these drones.

Are Drones Toys?

Absolutely not! It’s a common misconception and it needs to be eradicated immediately. Drones are way too sophisticated to be called toys. These gadgets are functioning in core research areas and have helped discover some amazing real-life phenomena. Therefore, calling them as toys is quite unjust. Also, drones, even though commercially available, are normally opted by grown-ups who like learning the art of flying as well as key flight concepts. This is something you don’t really do with a toy.

Drone Types

There are no fixed types of drones. However, with various models coming up every now and then, drone have been classified into basic types as follows:

Simple RC Drones

This is the simplest form of a drone the you can get. These drones have just one purpose which is to fly around like stray bees. Jokes apart, these drones are ideal if you wish to learn the skill of drone flying. These drones can be used for transportation of small items. In future, they might be used for local logistic supply, the idea is in thought process and companies like Amazon might well introduce their drone fleet in a few years from now.

At the moment, these drones are the cheapest of all drones because they don’t have any additional features. Also, the size and weight is considerably lesser as compared to other high-end products. Simple RC drones can either come in form of quadcopters or there can be simpler one or two propeller drones as well. They are even cheaper and they can be a perfect gift item for kids.

Infrared Camera Drones

Surveillance and monitoring services make use of infrared cameras when needed. Drones with infrared cameras, therefore become a very useful commodity for industries. These drones can assist in study of wildlife and they are also very useful for monitoring natural environmental changes.

Drones with Simple Camera

Camera drones are probably the largest selling drones. Companies such as Dragon Camera drones have been making quality gadgets which are now widely used especially in the commercial sector. Camera drones have several advantages and they can be used for a variety of applications. Therefore, their demand in the industry is really high.

Advanced Drone Models

Specialized drones for photography may have additional features such as stabilizers. It allows you to capture smoother videos and better images as it keeps the drone from vibrating in the air. Similarly, drones can be equipped with 360-degree rotation capabilities to enhance their flying capabilities.

Advancement in drone technology has been on the rise and a simple RC drone has now come too far. With time, you can expect some unbelievable modifications in drone technology.

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