//Upcoming Drone Festivals to Keep An Eye On

Upcoming Drone Festivals to Keep An Eye On

rc drone with cameraHave you ever seen an aerial shot made with a drone? If you have you would know how fantastic drone photography and filmography are. An RC drone with camera can add a new perspective to a story. These incredible machines have allowed filmmakers to take their creativity literally to the skies. Drones are not something that are used for documentaries or reports, people are using them with all kinds of stories often combining them with 360 degree views and 3d effects.

Drone films have become a serious business and now we have full-fledge film festivals and competitions honoring the work of these creative videographers. Whether you yourself make videos with bird’s eye view or love watching such things, you should keep an eye out for these festivals:

  1. Toronto Drone Film Festival

Toronto is hosting the Annual Toronto Drone Film Festival where they are taking entries from drone enthusiasts around the world. It is the third time this is happening and it seems the work commissioned for this festival is getting better and better. Entries can be submitted till mid-September and you get discounted access to the amazing Big Drone Show.

  1. InterDrone Film Festival

This is the biggest drone related festival in the world and it has been happening since past two years. Hosted by International Drone Conference and Exhibition, this is the most professional drone filmmaking competition.

  1. New York City Drone Film Festival

The Big Apple is having its very first drone festival and its fourth installment is due to happen in March next year. Those who have already attended the events this year were mesmerized by the aerial cinematography captured in this festival. It is still garnering popularity and is on its way to become one of the most important events for drone videos.

  1. Flying Robot International Film Festivals

This was the first ever drone festival to take place three years ago in San Francisco. The name itself is very interesting ‘Flying Robots.’ But the work you see during this event is even more interesting. It is very cheap to enter so they get a lot of submissions from amateurs and pros alike.

  1. Los Angeles Drone Film Festival

Los Angeles Drone Film Festival is the sister festival of New York City Drone Festival and is debuting come October. The great thing about this festival is that they also have a still photography category so the variety of work on show will also include aerial photographs. However, it has a $50 entry fee which compared with other festivals is a bit high.

Anyone can take part in these festivals and all you will need is an rc drone with camera. If you are looking for a quality yet affordable drone to shoot videos with, Dragon Camera Drones is the answer. Their rc drone with camera is easy to maneuver and the camera produces stellar images and videos. Rest is up to you what subject you choose to cover but with this you can have as much detailing as you like.