//Drone Helps Find Lost Floater

Drone Helps Find Lost Floater

nano droneDrones save the day once again! A group of women who were lost floating in the Yellow River in northeastern Iowa were rescued with the help of a drone. The group planned a floating journey through the river but luck was not with them that day.

Finally, they were rescued by police who used a drone to help search for them when they received a distress call from one of the women. It just goes to show how amazing a quad drone can be with thermal imaging which is what the police used.

A group of six friends embarked on a floating trip on the river in the morning and they assumed the journey would take about 3 hours until they reach the point where their car was waiting. However, the river was unusually slow and hours passed and they did not know where they were. That is when they decided to leave the raft and get out of the river. However, the river was just surrounded by thorny nets of bushes which they struggled with for about two and a half hours.

Finally, three of them starting swimming in the water while the rest continued on foot. They were stranded till dusk when one of them managed to climb to the top position to get a faint signal. That is when they called for help.

As soon as the police got the call they asked other agencies to help. The Fire Department used a drone with thermal imaging and within few minutes they located three women. The drone delivered a radio transmitter to them which eventually helped them get to the women. Finally, all of them were rescued in time and two of them were treated for hypothermia. The water in the river was too cold that day and they swam.

The women were obviously very terrified but very thankful when they were rescued. It just was not their day but with the efficiency of different departments and their quad drone, they were safe. In such situation, where men cannot search drone prove very resourceful and it was confirmed once again that drones will now play a central role in search and rescue missions.

Recently, we saw amazing rescue work of teams working with drones when Hurricane Harvey and Irma struck Texas and Florida respectively. The FDA actually approved drone flights to search for any stranded residents and analyze the damage through taking images. It proved very beneficial as searcher were able to locate people and find which areas needed the most help.

Just imagine how much you are missing out on if you do not own a drone yet. It could help you in time of need and maybe even let you help your community. Even a small drone like Dragon’s mini drones can be very beneficial. They can prep you for flying even bigger quad drones and let you record short videos. For indoor use, it may just be the perfect thing.

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