//Mambo Drone Is The Most Awesome Drone Ever!

Mambo Drone Is The Most Awesome Drone Ever!

drone amazonWhat can you not do with a drone? You can record pictures and footage even with a 360 degree view from the sky. You can locate objects through sensors. You can race and follow people. You can search for things in the dark with flashlights on. And with Parrot Mambo Drone you can shoot miniature balls. How fun!

Yes, this drone is filled with entertainment and fun and you will never be bored with it. Not only is it high quality in terms of flight, battery, and range, it also has a claw that can lift lightweight stuff. Think of all the cool things you can do with that claw. You could play with it in your backyard when you are alone or simply get small chores done at home. It could be your little helper around the house bringing you stuff when you are too lazy to get off the couch after a hectic day at work.

It is a gymnast of a drone too. Yes, you can do flips and spin midflight with the Parrot mambo Drone. It is in no way your run of the mill drone and has high stability thanks in part to three axis accelerometer and 3 axis gyroscope measure. And if we talk about the camera, that too is on point with its rest of the features. With the 300,000 pixels, you can take crisp and high quality images. And you have rechargeable lithium ion batteries so you are always ready to fly.

3 Fun Things to Try With Mambo

Here are three fun things you can do with this amazing drone:

Acrobatic Show

You could put on a show with the help of this drone at kids’ birthdays, parties or any other fun event. These drones are remarkably good at flips and spins. Kids especially would love all these little acrobatic stunts. It is a very safe and stable drone so you can do these moves without worrying about messing things up. However, practice is always recommended and so much material is available to learn stuff.


You can do amazing photography with this because it has a good range and altitude of up to 200 feet. Since it is small you can take it with you on your journeys. Whatever your subject may be this drone should be able to capture it beautifully.

Shoot Stuff

This addition of the miniature cannon balls feature just might have made the Parrot Mambo drone the most fun drone ever. With 6 balls shooting at 1.5 seconds interval, you can knock down lightweight stuff and perhaps play a laser tag inspired game with your friends. They are completely harmless, accurate and just so much fun. Imagine shooting stuff from the sky, all the dreams of kids becoming an air force pilot knocking out enemies just came true.

This drone is definitely worth a try and the good news is at Dragon it is very reasonably priced. So there is no reason to procrastinate now is there?

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