//Waarom moet je gaan voor een Drone met gps-technologie

Waarom moet je gaan voor een Drone met gps-technologie

drone amazonDrones have seen massive improvements since day one and one of that is GPS. Drones essentially can work without a drone and many basic models do, echter, drones with GPS are far more stable and functional. It is all about control and with GPS the drone is much more controllable.

GPS also allows drones to have extra functions that make the whole flight experience better. You get:

  • Position control that basically allows the drone to have a fixed location based on the coordinates.
  • Return to home which makes the drone to remember the path where it initially took off from. Following those coordinates, the drone can fly back to you all by itself.
  • Autonomous flight allows you to set a path for the drone to fly on again based on the GPS coordinates. You just set the points on the path and the drone after take-off follows those points.

These features are what allow drones to be used for so many purposes like delivery, search and rescue. In case you are unfamiliar, GPS or Global Positioning System is a technology that uses satellites to determine the position, speed and even time of an object on land. GPS is very accurate and is a standard for navigation is myriads of technologies including your smartphones. Drones with GPS have a chip that allows them to transmit signals to these satellites and you get to know the position of your drone.


GPS has been the center of a lot of operations that drones perform.

  • Even if the remote signals stop the GPS signal can allow the drone to maintain its position or find its way to home or its destination. This is the key thing that makes Dragon Drones so much safer and controllable.
  • GPS tech in drones made them useful for security agencies that use these aerial vehicles for search and rescue messages. When natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and storms strike these drones can help locate survivors and assess damages.
  • Drones can make deliveries thanks to the coordinates set through the GPS system. Many logistics companies are already working with drones with GPS to transform how they perform their operations.
  • Drones can avoid obstacles through this tech and be a lot safer. When they know the path and what is in it, they can avoid colliding with hurdles like trees, walls, bridges etc. that are commonly found in altitudes most commercial drones fly at.

All in all, GPS should be considered a necessity when buying a drone because without that you essentially just have a toy drone. It may not be able to do a lot of things you would normally expect from a drone. It should also be considered a safety feature that makes the aerial vehicle a lot more stable. Without GPS, your drone can lose signal and lose its control which is not what you would want especially considering how harsh the penalties can be if something goes wrong with the drone you are piloting.

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