//7 Adventurous Destinations to Travel with Your Drone And GoPro

7 Adventurous Destinations to Travel with Your Drone And GoPro

beste drone voor GoProIf you have the beste drone voor GoPro, then you are probably always ready for an adventure. GoPros can be great for capturing adventure sports and activities. And doing that with a remote controlled drone can be even amazing. So here are some destinations that are a must visit for adventure loving people:

  1. Romania

Romania can be both rustic and beautiful. It has many villages surrounded by beautiful mountains and springs. You can hike on the Carpathian Mountains and make videos with your drone of this beautiful landscape. The Danube River ends in Romania which means there are endless canals, creeks and lakes nearby. Most interesting place is Transylvania where the Dracula legend emerged from.

  1. Slovenia

This country is amazing if you love water sports like river rafting. It has a small population of only 2 million and itself is quite small too. You can easily travel most of it in under a month. The most interesting thing about Slovenia is that it has over 8000 caves underneath.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is like the mecca of adventure sports. They have some of the most stunning mountains, rivers and lakes where you can do tons of adventurous things. All those who love adventure traveling always recommend this island nation. The icing on the cake are the people who are incredibly polite.

  1. Norway

If you love skiing, head to Norway because they are all about skiing. You can ski all year round so take your beste drone voor GoPro anytime you want. It is a saying in Norway that Norwegians are born with Skis on their feet. And as an added bonus, you can even see Northern lights in Tromso north of the country.

  1. Israel/West Bank

Israel and West Bank are not just for pilgrimage, you can do a lot more there. You can hike at Galilee and Masada and soak in the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea. Many people think of these places as a hub of religious tourism but lately people are coming as general tourists owing to the many types of offerings from culture to adventure.

  1. Chile

Chile with its numerous active volcanoes is not for the faint of heart. They have all types of landscapes like mountains, volcanoes, fjords, lakes and of course beaches. Torres del Paine National Park should specially interest you on account of its magnificent views.

  1. Tanzania

Duidelijk, how can one leave Africa out when there is adventure involved? Tanzania has diverse wildlife and of course the Kilimanjaro mountains. People come from far and wide to hike on this legendary mountain. Echter, Tanzania can be very expensive to travel to.

Now that you have a number of destinations on your bucket list choose the beste drone voor GoPro which is Dragon Camera Drone. This drone works amazing with a GoPro as it is stable, has GPS and is lightweight too. You will get clear and detail oriented footage of all your travel and activities.