//Kids May Just Be The Most Important Consumers of Drones

Kids May Just Be The Most Important Consumers of Drones

nixie droneEverybody uses drones including kids but their usage is perhaps the most crucial for the drone industry. Before drones became so small, it was considered a thing for adult professionals who have a proper training to fly these things. But with time their operability got so simple and easy, even kids got on board. Now a kids drone sells faster than any other drone because so many kids are aware of this technology.

Drones are the future and so are our kids

It is estimated that by the mid of next decade drone industry would be worth billions. And one futurist went on to say that by 2030 there may be 1 billion drones out in the world. So that tells it as it is: drones are the future. And our kids are our future so it is imperative for them to be a part of this tech revolution. If they start now, they will be right on track with the technology and will perhaps use them to do greater things.

  • Drones are helping in floods, quakes and hurricane for safe and in-depth monitoring, and catching up the victims.
  • They are helping farmers, scientists, aviation inspectors and courier companies. In fact, they’re being used by real estate agencies to cover each and every corner of the property.

And so on….

Who is to say they won’t be doing a many more things? The thing about this tech is, it is slowly paving its way into every industry. And why not? It is inexpensive, fast and most importantly a lot safer than it was, say four years ago.

Jobs, jobs and jobs

In the future, it is going to be these kids who will pilot drones. So that means they are the ones that will be taking all the drone-related jobs. And there will surely be hundreds of them be it in the drone making industry or the many other fields where these will operate. That makes a kids drone even more beneficial and crucial for any kid’s future. If they will learn to fly them now and learn the engineering behind it, they will be more than prepared for these jobs.

The most important point is that if we teach kids about how drones and work and what we should or should not do with them, we can teach them the right ethics of employing this tech. Drones were and are still criticized for invading privacy and posing threats to the life on the ground. However, it is usually people who cross the line and use drones for wrongful means. If the training is imparted in the beginning, there will be a lesser chance of a kid trying anything wrong.

These are not merely toys, they mean a lot more. So if your kid is missing out on this tech it is high time you bought them one. Dragon Drones have one of the best kids drone, which is small, safe and very usable. Kids will learn a great deal with it while having fun. It can help elevate any intimidation and prepare them for the future that looks filled with drones.

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