//5 Industrie Immensamente affetti da Drones

5 Industrie Immensamente affetti da Drones

drone kidsThe biggest propeller of drones today has been its commercial use. Even though hobby and recreational drones like those by Dragon and UDIRC Drone have the numbers, the actual growth is attributed to the drones’ usage in different industries. It is being predicted that by 2025 the drone industry would have crossed the dollar 1 billion mark. qui ci sono 5 industries that will help make that happen:

  1. Logistics

This is a no brainer as to what industry could benefit the most from a flying vehicle: the logistics industry. FedEx and the likes of it are heavily involved in the use of drones in warehouses as well as for actual logistics. They are finding ways to use drones for deliveries and change the way supply chain traditionally works. The benefits are speed, reliance and cost reductions and who would not like that? Still, there is a long way to go till this becomes standard but we are gradually getting there.

  1. E-commerce

Amazon is all over the drone trend and is spending big money into making its own drone program which is now very much into motion. The e-commerce giant believes that drones are the future of delivering parcels to the doors. They have patented their own and are investing even more into this program. With hobby drones like UDIRC Drone you can deliver something small to your next door neighbor, one can only imagine what the Amazon drone would be capable of.

  1. Agriculture

The food you eat may soon be fresh enough because a drone helped harvest it in time. sì, farmers have gotten their hands on this technology and are using it to analyze their crops. They can detect pests and know when their crops are ready to be harvested. Thanks to the powerful cameras equipped in drones and their excessive reach, farmers can now work more efficiently.

  1. Construction

Do not be surprised if you now see drones alongside construction workers. Drones are used for capturing images of high quality for mapping and analyzing structures. They can help detect faults in the construction and survey the structures once constructed. Since they are small they can get into place no other machinery can, or a human for that matter. This has opened the way for these drones to be used by city governments too in order to keep an eye on the infrastructure.

  1. Medicine

Drones have found their way into the world of medicine too. No they will not be performing an operation on you but they might help transport the equipment or medications for it. Recent experiments have shown that unmanned aerial vehicles with long range have the capacity to transport even temperature sensitive supplies including the human blood. This can help save lives in remote locations without big hospitals.

So you can see how amazing drones are even those that you fly as a hobby like UDRIC Drone and Dragon Camera Drones. These five industries along with the general recreational use will ensure drone industry grows.

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