//De nouvelles restrictions: 10 Les nouveaux sites où il est interdit bourdons

De nouvelles restrictions: 10 Les nouveaux sites où il est interdit bourdons

toy dronesThis is a bummer! New FAA restrictions have been released regarding drones flying at some of the popular sites in US. 10 Department of Interior sites are now off limits for unauthorized drones which includes Statue of Liberty as well. You will have to wait and get permits if you want to fly your best buy drones with camera on these sites. toutefois, the restrictions apply to drones flying up to 400 feet which is the altitude within which most recreational drones fly.

The sites include:

  1. Statue of Liberty National Monument, New York
  2. Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Keystone, S.D.
  3. Boston National Historical Park (U.S.S. Constitution), Boston
  4. Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Nev.
  5. Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, Ariz.
  6. Grand Coulee Dam, Grand Coulee, Wash.
  7. Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia
  8. Folsom Dam, Folsom, Calif.
  9. Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, St. Louis
  10. Shasta Dam, Shasta Lake, Calif.

The restrictions come as the security and law enforcement agencies request for more robust regulations regarding drones. Even though these agencies themselves are using the drone technology heavily they want these sites to be restricted to private drones. The airspace in the National Parks is also off limits which is upsetting because many drone photographers like to explore the wild with their best buy drones with camera.

This is probably because these sites are most visited tourist and with many tourists now traveling with small drones for photography, it would be probable that they would want to use the drones in these sites. For safety of other people and the sites itself, they want this ban. Néanmoins, what escapes these security agencies and many other critics is that drones are now safer. Still one cannot be entirely safe especially considering that it is a person who is flying the drone and they are susceptible to make mistakes.

Drones like Dragon and other best buy drones with camera should not be flown at or near these sites without authorization. If you do you could end up paying heavy fines or even get incriminated. It is not clear if there is any motion to change it or end it, but if recent court rulings against drone regulations are anything to go by, these restrictions might soon be lifted as well. Until then perhaps drone photographers can search for new muses to explore. Besides drone footage makes everything exciting so the whole country can be your playground to get awe inspiring images.

The ban starts from October 5e and the penalties some believe are too harsh. It does not discourage people from flying drones still because people love that. They will fly it in their backyard if they have to and we saw that when there was a registration requirement in place. Despite restrictions, drone sales have been increasing only since the past few years so there is no assumption that this new ban would discourage people from buying drones with cameras. With dwindling prices, the sales would only increase.

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