//China Toughens Its Drone Rules

China Toughens Its Drone Rules

drone with camera for sale More and more individuals are going to drone pilot schools to train how to fly drones and get certified. China adopted more stringent rules for private drone owners in order to prevent any incidents of drones coming in the way of planes and helicopters. In China, un drone with camera for sale is available everywhere since the country itself is the biggest producer of drones. So everyone who owns a drone or wants one is rushing to get licensed.

Rise In Enrollments for Drone Training

There is a school north of Beijing that is seeing dramatic increase in the number of enrollments for the drone training course. This school believes drone training is imperative for anyone as drones should not be treated as toys. This is true as a lot of complex engineering goes into the making and working of these drones. Taking such a course gives individuals a deeper insight into these machines and teaches them the ethics of flying them.

Drone Registration is Mandatory

China now wants drone owners to register drones with their real names. There is a weight cap for these registrations. This was happening in the US too until recently when a court overruled this law softening the laws there for drones a bit. There are still restrictions as to which areas or what height you can fly the drone over. Breaking such a law could end up in hefty fines or even serving some time.

This certification, sin embargo, is not cheap. It could cost around 10,000 yuan which is above $1500. This obviously means that a lot of people would not be able to afford it. So there are a lot of critics of these courses and generally of the strict laws regarding drones in that country. This amount is ridiculously high as you can get a drone with camera for sale around $100.

Drone Sales to Rise 68%

Regardless of the laws and money, the sales of drones are increasing in China. Experts are predicting a growth of 68 percent over the next five years. China is one of the biggest markets for drones in the world today. It is not surprising to see that these laws have little effect on sales because drones are literally everywhere. From recreational use to commercial, UAVs are helping people overcome problems all across the world.

Drone training itself is a good initiative because it can take the person to new opportunities and make them an expert drone pilot. Even though these devices are easy to fly, all electronics are susceptible to faults. In such a situation, your training could come in handy and help you save your drone as well as people from any kind of damage.


You do not necessarily need training to fly a drone as some drones are really simple. One such simple drone with camera for sale is available with Dragon Camera Drones. These have one button functions for takeoff, landing and turning. The price is also very reasonable and the body is aerodynamic. The user guide should be enough to get you started.