Air Hogs Unstoppable Mini RC Drone

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Hyper Stunt Drone – Unstoppable Mini  RC Drone 

Bump, crash, stunt and keep on flying with the unstoppable remote control Dragon Hyper Stunt Drone! This mini RC drone rolls on floors, up walls and even across ceilings! Its beginner and advanced modes make flight easy for any pilot. Featuring gyro-stabilization for a smooth, stable ride, plus a removable roller shield and durable construction, the Stunt Drone can survive anything you can throw at it. Easily pull off backflips, barrel rolls and more with the stunt button.


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  • Pilot the remote control Hyper Stunt Drone on any surface! Ride on floors, up walls and even across ceilings!
  • Easily pull off high-performance stunts: Front flips, back flips, barrel rolls and more!
  • Beginner and Advanced modes: Experience the easy-to-operate, smooth flight with gyro-stabilization assistance.
  • Hyper Stunt Drone is for ages 8+ and requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

Additional information

State of Assembly

Ready-To-Fly (RTF)

Controller Battery

2"AAA" batteries(not include)




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