//Top 5 Reasons Long-Range Drones Are The Best

Top 5 Reasons Long-Range Drones Are The Best

long range fpv dronesThere are many types of drones now, many often differ based on their range or battery time. Those that specifically classify as long range drones are very useful for both commercial and personal use. The drone with longest range may fly for several miles which is enough to get tons of things done by it. So here are 5 ways such drones are better:

  1. Cover larger areas

The clear benefit is the distance they can cover in their possible range. That in itself is quite awesome as you can cover more area and subjects. That is especially true for when you are shooting video of a vast area like a field or mountain range.

For commercial purposes that work out even better. For example, the logistical use of drones is dependent on the range they can fly. The drone with the longest range is obviously of more advantage to them.

  1. Longer flight times

Such quadcopters have longer battery lives as well so you can expect them to stay airborne from anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour or so. Obviously, they will take time to cover their range limit and for that, they will need power. And if we throw in more batteries, this time can be increased even further.

  1. Helpful in emergencies

The biggest and perhaps the most important advantage of a long range drone is that it can help save lives. There have been multiple natural disasters in the past few years where drones were used to navigate and rescue people. They are also used for assessing damage in the aftermath of such disasters. Because of their range, they can be sent to places inaccessible by men or vehicles.

  1. Research and Development

These drones are heavily being used in research and development work. In fields like agriculture. People are employing long range drones to survey crops to detect any problems. Similarly, drones are also being used to study climate change and how to tackle it.

  1. Reliable

Long distance drones are very reliable in terms of their making flight and safety. Long range drones that are flown on the line of sight or with first person view goggles can easily go out of the sight of the pilot so they are made extra reliable and safe. You can easily fly them within their range without fearing them crashing or colliding with something.

Now that you know how and in what way a long distance drone can be beneficial you can use your own for similar purposes. Even those who do not use drones professionally can use these ones for recreational use. Dragon Camera Drones have a drone with longest range and you can fly them with ease. The camera is 4K so perfect for capturing videos of big areas like a lake, river, mountain or national park. You can never really go wrong when you choose Dragon and the best part is it is very reasonable in price.

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