//This Is What You Need In Your Drone Racing Kit

This Is What You Need In Your Drone Racing Kit

drone with camera for saleSo you have decided to take part in drone racing but you probably do not know much about drone racing. It is a fun sport which has garnered a lot of support gradually. As serious as it is, you need to have everything prepared and all the supplies necessary to take part and perhaps win the race too. So your drone racing kit should have all the necessary stuff that will help you before, during and after the race. And obviously, you will need a high-speed racing drone like that by Dragon.

Here is what you need:

  1. Propellers

This should be a pretty obvious thing to have because you will need loads of propellers during your races. They are bound to come off or break so it is imperative to have extra at hand. How many should you take? Well, that depends on you how many you can bring.

  1. Extra Batteries

This is a no-brainer as you should have extra batteries at hand at all times when flying your drone let alone when you are racing with it. Some batteries should always be there in your drone racing kit those that go with your drone model.

  1. Battery Voltage Checker

Another great battery related item to keep in the kit is the voltage checker. It will immediately tell you which batteries are fully charged and which are not. This could make or break your game having a not so fully charged battery. So this device could help you win the title.

  1. USB Cable

This could be useful in so many situations that it is a must have. From transferring date to tweaking the flight control settings, usb cable could come in very handy at time of need. You can change settings according to the playfield.

  1. Tape

An electric tap and Velcro are essentials when it comes to FPV racing. The tape or Velcro straps can be used to tie up stuff like batteries, receivers or buzzers. Tape can be used to fix any connections or devices like camera or video transmitters.

  1. Multitool

You cannot be sure what might need fixing when you are flying your drone at full speed so a multitool is a way to go. You can fix almost anything with this kind of tool and it is obviously economical too as you will not have to buy every tool separately.

  1. FPV Goggles

If you are taking part in FPV drone racing, goggles are an essential. These come with the FPV drone usually but you can also buy them separately and keep an extra pair just in case there is a problem with the existing one.

  1. Zip Ties

For a quick fit, zip ties can be amazing and that is why they make a great addition to your drone racing kit. You can secure your antennas, transmitters, HD cameras and speed controllers with the help of these. You can keep variable lengths in the kit to use as and when needed.

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