//Drones Versus Helicopters

Drones Versus Helicopters

drone helicopter toyHelicopter toys had been ruling the world of RC aircraft toys for a long time. Although these gadgets were really cool, they often had problems of balance and crashed too many times. One might say that it requires expertise to fly a drone helicopter toy or any other RC aircraft but the reality is that there RC helis were quite a difficult proposition.

It was until the drone quadcopters burst on to the scene. Whether they were nano-quadcopters or bigger units, these gadgets were well received by common consumers for so many reasons. In this article, we will discuss how drone quadcopters are a better option as compared to drone toys.

The Technical Aspect

If you look at the basic operation and need of the two gadgets, there may not be too much of a difference. In fact, if you observed, we use the term ‘drone helicopter toy’ earlier. It basically means that there is very little to differentiate between the two gadgets on technical basis.

So, what’s the difference! Generally, the word drone is used for quadcopters. Four arms with propellers on each and a plus-sign structure is the most common look of any drone. However, there are several other designs such as octocopters etc. Simply put, an RC helicopter is simply a helicopter shaped toy while a drone is different in shape and size.


Because of a wide range of drones available these days, the price range is quite wide. Therefore, it offers more flexibility and options for buyers as they can choose their needed features and sizes. Earlier, due to lack of options, drones were a bit expensive and not affordable to all. However, today, you can buy a drone for as low as $50. Quality drones such as Dragon Camera Drones can be purchased for around $100 to $150.

When we talk about helicopter toys, there isn’t much of a choice. There may be options of different sizes but in the end, there are not too many options to choose from. This is why, the price range is often quite limited. This is why, drones hold a clear advantage over helis when it comes to price.

Flight Stability

Drones are way more stable during a flight as compared to helicopters. Quadcopters have a balanced design and so they become much easier to operate as compared to helicopters. Evenly distributed weight ensures a smoother flight while in case of a helicopter, you might need more expertise in flying. This is why, especially for learners, drones are a much better option.

Accessories and Customization

Modern drones offer several customization options such as lighting, propellers and much more. ON the other hand, helicopters may not have all these options available. Also, quadcopters such as Dragon Camera Drone and others have the option to accommodate cameras. This option is often not available in RC helicopters. You can have your own propellers, batteries and lighting and can turn your drone into a personalized gadget.

The Verdict

Drone Helicopter toys don’t hold a massive advantage over quadcopters. In fact, the four-arm devices have been found more looked for and useful gadgets in the modern age.