//Drones to Monitor Great Barrier Reef

Drones to Monitor Great Barrier Reef

drone best buyHow amazing is this that drones will now help protect the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia? Australian Institute of Marine Sciences along with QUT is testing if small drones can be used to monitor the Great Barrier Reef and the marine life in it more efficiently than men or satellites. Who knew a drone best buy or any other manufacturer like Dragon Camera Drones is selling could be used to protect nature?

The team is preparing a system that will check for the purity and cleanliness of the waters in the reef. The team has surveyed three reefs so far and compared their results against the recordings of coral bleaching levels done by divers. This way the system is learning how to interpret the coral bleaching in the waters.

Drone Qualifies for Clarity of Pictures

The key here is the clarity of the images taken with drones and they were pretty clear to view such changes. Another great advantage of using drones is that these machines can cover a wider range of area and perhaps in lesser cost. Previously, this was done using satellites which is obviously very heavy costing technology. The deployment and performance of drones seems to surpass that of satellites.

More Coverage in Less Time

The Great Barrier Reefs is one of the biggest wonders of nature and is quite big. It expands over 2300 kilometers and covers around 3000 reefs. This means that surveying the entire area is a time consuming operation which is why drones are expected to help reduce this time. Even with drones the process is quite complex as the images need to be processed, compared and analyzed. The team is developing Artificial Intelligence systems to help improve the speed of this process as well.

This marvelous creation of nature is visited by millions of tourists every year. And now with climate change rapidly changing the landscapes of the planet, nature preservers have to think two steps ahead and do whatever they can to keep nature as it is. There is no surprise that drone can help do that as it has been helping with different types of surveys over the years.

Money-Making Opportunity for Drone Owners

Surveying is one of the most common purposes after photography for people to invest into drones. A drone best buy sells at a few hundred dollars can help one make thousands in a year by simply conducting surveys and inspections. Anyone who knows how to fly a drone can get into this activity and may be even help inspect water bodies in their own communities.

Dragon Camera Drones

And if you find the drone best buy sells expensive, Dragon Camera Drone is a cheaper alternative. Its camera is ultra-high definition and that is the most important part for doing an inspection. Moreover, you get longer battery time and long range which makes it an ideal quadcopter for this purpose.

One thing is certain that drones are proving helpful in ways we never even imagined. The Great Barrier Reef which is a natural treasure can stay intact and pure thanks to these tiny aerial vehicles now.