//Sie haben diese erstaunlichen Drone Videos zu sehen

Sie haben diese erstaunlichen Drone Videos zu sehen

drone gpsMany of us do not really understand the power of a camera attached with a drone until we see a video shot from one. And boy do we have some videos for you. YouTube is filled with mesmerizing videos shot with drones and some of them use high end drones like Propel HD Video Drone. You can make similar amazing videos using one of the camera drones by Dragon.

  1. Pripiyat In the Snow

You will get the goosebumps when you watch this ghost town that was abandoned after the meltdown of Chernobyl Reactor back in 1986. Shot in the frigid cold winters, the drone explores from moderate altitude the city that once bustled with life.

  1. Lavaux in Switzerland

This video should be used as a proof to justify Switzerland’s position as the most beautifiul country in the world. This town sitting on the edge of Lake Geneva and boasting green fields that look like a maze and with snowcapped mountains in the background, it is one of those things you have to see it to believe it. To see it in 4K like that shot by Propel HD Video Drone is nothing less than extraordinary.

  1. Iceland

Iceland is so far for many of us who live away from continental Europe but it is the dream destination for many. This video shows why. It captures the unique beauty of this island and the many natural wonders it has on offer. Glaciers, waterfalls, dark oceans and natural saunas: could this be heaven?


  1. Sail Amsterdam

How about watching over 600 sailing boats in the canals of Amsterdam? The city is loved all around the world and takes pride in its canals and boats. This video shot in 2015 at the SAIL festival is fun to watch in 4K. The views around the sailing boats are superbly beautiful. You would wish you were on one of those boats.


  1. One Year with My Drone

If this video does not push you to travel with your drone, I don’t know what will. This video is a compilation of different drone footages shot over a year. From landscapes to adventure sports to fauna everything is there in this one video.

  1. Kagoshima, Japan

Japan is a beautiful country with every island offering something unique of its own. This drone footage captures the crystal clear waters and volcanic peaks of this amazing island in Far East. The 4k video depicts every subject in ultra high quality like that on Propel HD Video Drone.


  1. Baby whales in Hawaii

This could not get more interesting with a baby whale doing spins in the waters of Hawaii. Only a drone could have captured that and once you see it you realize that. The vast ocean and clear blue waters are a sight worth seeing especially in 4K. These animals are so majestic because of their size but the drone captures them smartly.

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