//The Future of Our Society in Presence of Drones – Part II

The Future of Our Society in Presence of Drones – Part II

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As fascinating a technological gadget as they are, drones are being perceived as the one for the future. Whether it’s a state of the art, heavily equipped phantom drone or a simple cheap drone, they all have their place in the future.

Continuing our discussion on how drones might influence our future society, here are some more possibilities of how drones could be used in the days to come.

Drones Might Become Portable Screens

In many parts of Europe and the US, drones have been used for marketing. These gadgets can be simply levitated into an open space such as a local street, market or parks etc. with a banner attached to them. It’s one of the modern marketing hacks which is not just attractive but also less costly and target oriented. Building upon this idea, drones which could carry a screen could well be used for open space cinemas where mounting of fixed screens may not be possible.

If a normal cheap drone can be developed with a longer battery timing, people could also implement this idea for their house parties and society gatherings.

Drone Rides in Amusement Parks

This is a costly venture but we’re not really concerned. The idea here is to give young and adults a new form of thrill ride. Human carrying quadcopters or drones might be found in local amusement parks. Although we’re assuming these rides will be quite expensive, they will be worth every penny because of the thrill and adventure they could bring about.

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Site Analysis for Construction Businesses

This is already a common practice for well-established construction firms. However, the current site surveys are only limited to capturing videos for studies. In future, we might see more advanced drones that could take measurements on their own, design maps and predict the nature of ground. The idea springs from infrared camera drone which have capabilities to predict the elements found in the soil. It could potentially replace expensive soil analysis jobs and save a lot of money for inspection companies.

Drone Wi-Fi Routers

This is one of the most innovative ideas and the one which can be easily implemented. In fact, it’s a great hack if you’re in a public place and cannot connect to the internet. Drones can be levitated to a certain height with a Wi-Fi router to provide the internet services. In future, we might see the development of drone routers which can be a handy application.

Food Delivery Drones

This is an excellent idea if you’re a lazy food lover. At the moment, your order comes through a pick-up or a bike. In future, there might be a drone knocking at your door with your pizza order. What would be great is that you won’t need to tip the drone so you would save a few bucks as well. You might even be able to send your personal cheap drone to the pizza shop to retrieve your order.