//Drones: The New Travel Photography Gadget

Drones: The New Travel Photography Gadget

best drones with cameraGone are the days when people traveled with DSLR or Selfie Sticks as now a new travel gadget is becoming popular: drones. Yes, these small aerial vehicles controlled by remote and connected with your smart phones and tablet, are increasingly becoming the fundamental thing in backpacks and luggage for a lot of travelers. The best drones with camera are capable of taking pictures in high resolution and with a wide view field.

Instead of their phones, people are now using small drones to takes selfies that not only take your selfie but also capture the scenery or views around you. How cool is that? This was only possible because of technological advances of drones today. Now they can be preprogrammed to fly a particular path and can take off and land by themselves. The range also gives a lot of room to play around with video ideas as travelers can make videos of vast areas.

You get to see the footage in real time on your phone and in fact one can share it on social media instantly. People now want to share every place they travel to and if they can show it through drones it gets even more dramatic. This is especially true for those who like to do adventurous things when they travel and want their friends and family to see it.

Drone is a machine at the end of the day and you have to keep in mind its portability. Not all drones may be suitable for carrying along on your journey. Nano and mini drones, however, are perfect for travelling with and can easily be packed into your backpack or luggage. Now there are cases available too that can keep the drone safe when you move.

We have to keep one thing in mind that using drones with cameras is a serious responsibility even when you are doing it for leisure. There are rules and regulations regarding drones in all parts of the world so it is imperative to know the laws before traveling. Even if you own one of the best drones with camera, it is important to consider other people’s safety and of course your own too.

We have seen a remarkable boost in the sales of small drones around the world this summer and travel friendly drones were among the bestselling drones. You too can capture amazing pictures and videos of yourself the next time you travel. The Dragon Camera Drones are equipped with cameras that have four times the resolution of High Definition.

You will be able to see each and every detail in the images and video feed right on your smartphone or tablet. This drone is indeed one of the best drones with camera you could travel with. It is lightweight with aerodynamic crash resistant body. Even a kid can fly it as it is that easy to fly this drone with its one button functions.