//Drone Newbies Must Consider These Accessories

Drone Newbies Must Consider These Accessories

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Whether you go to a tech gadget store, a random toy shop or a supermarket you will find RC drones everywhere. A large variety of big and small phantom drone is available in the market so drone shopping has become easier than ever. Whether you want to buy it for yourself or as a birthday present, drones can be a handy option when it comes to entertainment.

Things to Remember

Especially when you’re buying a drone for the first time, you might be conscious and might want to start slow and low. That is a good and understandable strategy but there is a common mistake people often make. If you have to make the best use of your drone, you need to buy some additional accessories as well. Often, newbies don’t realize this until they crash and break the propellers or when their drone battery starts misbehaving.

Best Drone Accessories for Starters

Depending upon your experience with using drones, there can be a wide range of drone accessories that might suit you. For instance, professional camera drones may require different gimbals or stabilizers for smoother video shots. Similarly, drones used in surveillance and security may require additional GPS locator modules etc. However, these are all advanced accessories and may not apply to the newbies who just want to have some fun with their flying gadget.

Take a look at these simple and cheap drone accessories which can make your drone flying experience more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Extra Lights

At day time, you can surf through the clear sky without any problem but at night, drone flying can be difficult if you don’t have sufficient lighting. Normally, drones have built-in lights but you can enhance the lighting by adding a few extra lighting strips to your drone. Play around with different colors to give your drone a new look.

You can easily purchase landing lights from any electronic items store. You might need adhesives as well to fix the lights to the landing gear.

Smart Phone Apps

In the beginning, getting your hands set on the remote can be difficult. However, if you’re using a smartphone app for your phantom drone, things can become a bit easier. Dragon Camera Drones are well known for their easy operation so you might want to try them in this regard. Also, these apps have several other features such as data logging, flight analysis and many others. You can take help of these little modules to improve your drone flights.

Batteries are Must

If you don’t want to suspend the flight session every 15 minutes just to recharge the batteries, we suggest you should carry extra batteries with you all the time. Li-Po batteries are easily available nowadays and these batteries tend to last longer than the usual Ni-MH batteries. Once you have them sufficiently charged, you can have a full flight session without any recharge interruptions.


If you are a newbie, be prepared for crashes. You will bump into a tree or a wall or may tangle your drone in a cable. The first thing to break in such instances, are your drone propellers. Make sure to carry several propellers with you all the time. They are cheap and easily available.

For a prolonged life and operation of your phantom drone, these are the basic accessories that you should definitely have in your drone bag. You can even go for more advanced accessories once you are comfortable with your drone and have expertise on flying.